A Marketplace Platform for Pharmacy and Pharmacist

The Locum app is the UK based leading employment-oriented social media platform, helps in connecting pharmacists to pharmacies. In an era of a tight neck competition, finding an ideal employer and employee is tough, especially in the field of Pharmacy. According to Aggregate Demand Index (ADI), the ratio of pharmacists is higher than the pharmacy jobs. Finding the right job is like finding a needle in the haystack.

The challenge

There are numerous job portals or apps, but there was an absence of a designated app or website which could connect the pharmacists and pharmacies. This void was filled by the Locum app, which involves a simple registration process, enables a user for professional networking. Getting a job in the field of Pharmacy is tough and the Locum app is a unique platform that helps in connecting the people.

The major challenge for the Mendios team was to enable a marketplace platform, to create a user profile network which would benefit both the pharmacist and the pharmacy. Creating a “gated-access approach” helps in building and strengthening the professional relationship.


    For Pharmacist:
  • Create a profile and instantly view jobs around you
  • Connect with your colleagues and pharmacies nationwide.
  • Instant messaging to other users.
  • Group chats to get the support you need at work.
  • Manage your calendar and availability.
    For Pharmacies:
  • Create a profile and post a job in less than a minute.
  • Manage multiple branches on a single profile.
  • Disclose rates (pay per hour or day).
  • View applicants and choose the right locum for you.
  • Manage your locum calendar and see who’s working and when.

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